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When children grow up!!

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on December 6, 2006 - 9:11am

Well, the kids are off, and so am I. HAHAHAHA. I am just off for a whole other reason altogether. But it is nice to have two less kids here at the moment so hopefully maybe I can accomplish something today. Actually 3 kids if you count spouse. He is once again out of town so I get to do all the parenting myself. But what else is new. All I can say , parenting is the hardest job there is, not because of the phyical work involved, but the emotional strain it has. Especially when the kids are at an age to want to do things without their parents knowing about it. For example, my oldest daughter Emily, who will soon be 11, is now at an age where when things bother her, she does not open up to mom or dad. She has been complaing of a tummy ache lately, and usually right before she has to go to school. She was ok during the weekend, but when the week started again, it bothered her again. It was an obvious sign that something is bothering her. I try to get into her mind and see what is that is bothering her, but she clams up. Yes mom, it does sound familiar. Anyway, the more we talked, the more I realized that boys are starting to notice her. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A day in which parents dread. Some of them are actually not really nice to her. WE all know what that means when a boy "pretends" to not like someone. I tried to explain to her that boys often do silly things because of their own uncertain feelings for girls, and that often hide it because of their friends opinions. I guess thats what peer pressure is about. But the more I talk about it, the more quiet she is. I wonder if what I say even gets into her head. I know it must be really hard to talk with parents, but what else can I do? I had the same problem growing up. I was dreadfully shy around almost everyone. It must be really hard to be a kid growing up in todays world. Seems to me a lot more pressure on kids to be more than they are.What ever happened to letting our kids be kids? I think as parents we need to do all we can to help change that. I kind of blame that on what they watch on TV, and see on magazines.The images that they see from those sources can make any child think they are less than perfect.It is really upsetting to see what it is doing to our youth. It is kind of why I stay away from that kind of influence as much as I can. But no matter what I do to protect my kids, they will still get information that is not always helpful. I so much want to keep communication open with her, because I think she really needs it.I think we both do. But, if she is anything like me, she will keep those feelings to herself as long as she can. I know I was like that for many years. Even now I am still trying to over come that. How do you teach a child to express the things the bother them inside without making them feel uncomfortable? How do you teach a child to express those feelings when the parent themselves has problems with it? Needless to say I feel like I have aged a few years over night! Probably all the more reason why I need to vent my thoughts out by writing them. Maybe I should get her to do the same thing!

Was trying to have some time to myself last night, so I went to my bedroom to do some more writing. But my middle child Sarah was so loud that I found it hard to concentrate. As much as I love this 8 year olds energy, her creativity, her always cheerfullness, her amazing ability to always have something to say, I have come to know that she has the biggest and loudest mouth on the planet. Yikes! Smooches to her. So, I couldn't any writing done so I just spent my time watching old Christmas cartoons in bed. I so love those holiday classics. Reminds me of back in my years growing up. I think my favriote was and probably still is, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. It is funny, I have alot of those movies on tape, but I still look forward to see them on TV. Even now I will check the listings to find out when the next one comes on. But now, out of all of them, Polar Express has really turned into one of my favriotes as well. Tom Hanks is so brilliant in it. I can watch anything that man does. Of course the end song is AMAZING too. Whats that singers name? LOL ......What is more fun then watching Christmas classics with a great cup of hot chocolate while lying in bed? I certainly wished everyone enjoyed that as much as I do. It keeps the young in my heart thats for sure.

Hope everyone has a happy day and remember the week is only half over......HAHAHHAHA! Keep smiling and go try to help a friend. My tip for today is don't sing in front of your kids if you can't actually sing. Especially when dropping them off at school.........

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