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on the subject of unnecessary drama...

vijaykumar's picture
on December 6, 2006 - 4:39pm

i'm a bit surprised and saddened by all the arguing and bickering and name-calling that's occurring on the boards - both on FOJG and - regarding the san antonio meet & greet. it's so unnecessary. it's like some just don't have anything else to do except for start drama and criticize other people's efforts. then there are other people who are literally freaking out about planning and getting organized. i understand being frustrated and wanting to have plans made well in advance, but is it really a necessity to post responses in supersized and bolded fonts?

the majority of the attendees who've already signed up have voted for a place called the red berry mansion, which would be a rather expensive [but conveniently located and unique] option with just 40-something people. however, everyone's hoping to have more people sign up because that will reduce the price. the problem is, after reading all of the drama and name-calling and all that on the boards, who would even want to participate in a meet & greet where attendees can't even get along?? i know that if i hadn't already signed up, i would definitely be deterred from signing up now. as it is, i'm starting to reconsider.

meet & greets are supposed to be fun experiences for ALL involved. the developments on the boards over the past week or so have been anything but fun.

ultimately, we all are trying to work together to accomplish a common goal - a fabulous, affordable meet & greet.

i'm hoping that things will calm down after the holiday season. but. if they don't you'd better believe that i'll just be sending my stuff for the goodie bags to someone in charge. i'll buy my own penlights and make my own buttons if i have to. and i'll have a pleasant meal with my grams [since she's coming with me to the concert] that's free of tension and eye-rolling before the show.


i just needed to vent.

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