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on December 7, 2006 - 1:15pm

Well, still waiting to hear from the Ohio grandparents to see if we are still going or not. I still need to make plane reservations, so if it is a go, I need to know ASAP - I don't want the rates going up on me. I hope they will call or email me soon. The boys would love to see them and we hope they have snow this year. We don't get much snow here in Memphis - only scurries here and there. Then we get sleet.

Everything is going well - we have our tree up and waiting to be fluffed. We still have to decorate. I want to wait for my oldest son's girlfriend to come over and help fluff it for me since she is so good at that and she enjoys it. Maybe if I thought of the tree fluffing job as fluffing Josh's hair - I would get into it more. Just a thought. It might work. You never know. Seems like I have endless dishes to wash this time of year. I no sooner get it cleaned up and I turn around to another pile of dirty dishes. It's an endless chore. Not to mention the laundry. Yipers - Mount Washmore and Mount Foldmore are staring at me. Housework!!! I really don't love it. I need to go back to work and hire a maid. Maybe Santa Baby will do that for me this year.

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