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What is a man?

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on December 7, 2006 - 4:19pm

Yes, I am back to my writing again. My latest is just something I think that alot of women would like to see in men in general. It was not written for any one in particicular, but was writen after watching a sappy love story on TV. I see all the stories on love, and relationships on TV, movies, or even in a novel, and think why aren't real life relationships more like that? You know the kind of stories that makes your heart melt with desire and passion. The kind of story that is unforgettable.. Sure, you have your occasional story that just seems right out of a movie, but it is a rare thing. Feelings are much more complicated and less as dramatic as what appears on the television. Too bad too. I kind of like the intensity of powerful love story. What one would give to feel such emotions? Kind of sad that the stress of real life prevents us from ever feeling that most of the time. But anyway, it is how I see a true man to laughing please....

What is a man?

He holds together as close as he can

so much in his heart

His courage, strength, and love

will often guide him to places emotionally far

The world tells him to be strong

and not show weakness of any kind

But the more he open his authentic self up

the more beauty we often find

He struggles to take the lead

of what he thinks a man should be

Even though the boy in him

lets him be appeased

He embraces life's laughter

but can also feel its pain

He holds his head high in the sunlight

but caresses the gentleness of the rain

Mountains he has climbed

seemed impossible to reach

But his willfull determination persisted

and now he has so much to teach

He knows his journey, he knows it well

and all the roads he must travel

He knows the choices that he has made

can sometimes feel like they unravel

He is not afraid to hold a hand

and comfort someone in need

His arms are always open

never thinking he has done a good deed

He will look you right into your eyes

never once backing down

He will listen to every word you say

without ever letting his own feet leave the ground

It is clear, he is not perfect

he has his selfish pleasures

Like the way he watches a woman

as if it was his own secret treasure

But he knows there is more to her

as he dreams of holding her hand

He puts his troubles aside to listen to her

and does his best to deeply understand

What keeps a man going

we have yet to discover and learn

Everything there is about him

makes the coldest of hearts start to turn

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