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Head Aches are sure a Pain in the Head :)

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on December 9, 2006 - 1:56pm

I have a headache today....I hate headaches; 'cause they sure get in the way of getting things DONE! I had lunch with my hubby's family who are in town for my daughter's MADRIGAL show tonight. I'm looking SO forward to it - my daughter Hannah is in her glory when she's singing - just doing anything "MUSIC" in general......
It's almost 60 degrees here today - I'm sure a record high for a city in Minnesota on the 9th of December. Gorgeous. But still praying for snow for Mark's business.
I watched Santa Jr. on the Family Channel this morning. What another great movie for the season - be sure to catch it if you can! Looking forward to seeing Josh on Oprah on Monday!
I better get a batch of home-made fudge made for the brother's birthday. He loves my fudge (it's the way mom used to make it!)......
Everybody out there, have a wonderful Saturday evening! I'll be enjoying a night of song and dance.....yippeeeeee!

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