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Having courage...finding strength

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on December 10, 2006 - 12:39pm

It is a beautiful and rainy sunday here in Gustine and family is just sort of out doing their own thing today. Oldest is at a birthday party, other kids are playing somewhat nicely together, spouse is out shopping, and dog is barking at his own butt. So, that leaves me to get something done for myself. Woo hoo! Not sure, what that will be at the moment, but it is nice to have the possibilities open.

I was lying in bed last night watching some TV before I ended my days adventures, when I started watching a bit of Larry King. I know, thrilling isn't it? HAHAHAH. Anyway, it caught my eye because they had a little boy on who was only two and was fighting a brain tumor. He was the most adorable child,infact I think he is the poster boy for St Jude. I tell you it really moved me to see how tough him and his parents were. Can you imagine all the treatments that little boy has had to deal with in the short amount of time he has been around? Especially for his age. I think it would be tough for any age, let alone a two year old. It broke my heart to know that his future may be a very short one. As a parent, I think that is about the worse thing they would have to deal with. I am not sure if I could be as courageous as they appear to be. But some how, they were determined to be strong for him and for each other. That kind of strength really touches me . Where does that kind of strength come from? I look at my own kids and know I would just be devastated if some thing like that happened to them. But I guess they found the strength becasue his life may be too short for them to be sitting around feeling sorry for themselves. I guess making the decision to be strong just sometimes happens.Maybe through faith, or just own willfullness. I hope the good lord protects that family...I know my heart and prayers go out to them.

Well, after that moment of realizing how precious life really is, I turned to the news channel and watched the space shuttle head off to space. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to watch a launching. Knowing there are people in space at this very moment is an amazing thought. How times have really changed that we can send people to outer space. What will it be like in a few more years as we adventure off to another planet perhaps? It was a splendid sight to watch the launch lift off in the darkness of the night. The glare from the lift off lit up the sky in an amazing colors. Even seeing it on TV was special. Can you imagine if you were there? Reminds me of the time in my younger days when my family camped out at the desert in Bakersfield to watch the landing of one of the space shuttles.I don't think there is anything more impressive then to hear the sonic boom of a shuttle entering the Earths atsmosphere. Ok, Groban comes pretty close, but still....... HAHAHAHAHHA! He is out of this world too. LOL. Anyway, it made an interesting night for television to say the least. Even managed to watch Polar Express again. Tom Hanks really rocks my socks off sort of speak! One of the coolest actors around! I would love to meet him someday. Will I have the courage to speak to him? HAHAHA, my track record isn't very good..

It looks still as the rain will still be around today and I am enjoying this wet weather we are having. I love the smell of it as it hits the ground, I love the wet streets as they glare reflections from the lights of the cars. I also love the fact I get a free car wash. It just has a very calming quality to it. Maybe if it stops for a little bit, I may go on a walk to enjoy the cool air and listen to some music again in peace. But since I have some money in my wallet, I may just go shopping!!!! Yeah me! HAHAHAHAH! Around this house, shopping is better know as the "S" word. It is almost a bad word around here. If you have a girl about to be a teenager in a couple of years, you might understand why....

I hope everyone has a great day and remember to smile. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. My tip for today, when the dog reaches the level of the garbage can, its time to get a lid for it, or a bigger garbage can............ naughty

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