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Happy Sunday

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on December 11, 2006 - 1:15am

I spent this evening working on a scrapbook I and my friend (and former Northwestern Unviersity roommate) Karen are putting together about our France trip this past August/September. Karen lives in Toulouse(southwest France) now and is going to French library school where she is only the second American ever to have enrolled in the program.

I went and visited her in Paris and Toulouse on my first trip outside of the country (unless you count a short stop through Canada on my way between Michigan and upstate New York). It was an awesome trip. We were inspired to do our own scrapbook after reading Jackie Bouvier Kennedy and her sister Lee Bouvier Radziwill's own scrapbook "One Special Summer" they put together afer a European trip in 1951 when they were 22 and 18. They published it in the 1970s and recently republished it.

I'm doing the writing and Karen will illustrate. But I need to finish my part soon so I can mail it with Karen's Christmas box in a day or so. I got Karen and her French boyfriend, Julien, some miscellaneous things - "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris (hilarious book); Hawaiian tea, cookies and chocolate; a framed photo of me and Karen on the trip; two Hawaiian Christmas ornaments and a little pillow with a Hawaiian Santa Clause on it, and a photo album with pictures of the France trip.

I wish I could go back and visit again soon. But it'll probably be awhile before I get back there. Now I need to focus on buying my own car and paying for my own apartment. I'd been able to put off thinking about those things when I'd been anticipating joining the Peace Corps, but now that that is out of the picture, it's back to facing adult things. Sigh, yes, I'm an adult now.

I heard Linkin Park's version of "My December" on the radio the other day. I have to say I like Josh's version better. I'm going to have to call the radio and request it.

Wow, it's already 11 pm. Better get to bed.

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