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on December 11, 2006 - 7:25am

I don't know what I'm going to do with my daughter. If it's not her homework and grades, then it's her room or eating habits, or attitude, or lying.
I have such a hard time controlling my anger and emotions over it that I can't parent properly. (I am getting better lately, until now).
From the minute she sucked in the air of this world she has been a challenge. There was no schedule, nothing made sense. I constantly had this confused look on my face while I held her, a total question mark.
She's very intelligent. Used to always make good grades, now we moved and her grades have turned to C's. The teacher gives me a confused look after seeing her state test scores. "Is it me?" she askes. "No", I reply, "it's her, she's using moving as an excuse to screw off."
She loves to eat. What has made me so angry at this particular moment is I was trying to cut a path into her room to get dirty clothes and I found an almost empty bag of peanut butter fudge. She had it hidden. I had to make a rule that nothing goes into your mouth without my permission because I was constantly finding empty candy wrappers, etc. Now I find this.
One might think it's because she has social problems her grades are dropping and she overeats. No....she's miss social butterfly. Phone rings off the hook with kids calling for her.
She can't use a divorce as an excuse because it's not. Her parents are happily married.
I discipline, but it's not always by spanking.
When we finally break down and enforce that kind of punishment, she's better for weeks. I just hate doing it.
When she's doing good, she's a joy to be around. So funny and sweet.
Is it a girl thing? Is it an adolescent thing?
Riley doesn't give me any trouble at all. So it comes off as me playing favorites. It's difficult. I never realized how difficult it would be. SHEEEEESHHH!!!!

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