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on the subject of packing for a trip abroad...

vijaykumar's picture
on December 11, 2006 - 12:18pm

why is it more difficult to pack for two weeks than it is to pack for two months? i don't recall having this much trouble when i was packing my luggage for my summer in london last year. maybe because this time around i'm limiting myself to ONE bag, not two, and because this time it's winter, not summer. this translates into bulkier clothes or clothes that are suitable for layering and jeans instead of shorts or capris.

i tried to use the space saver travel bags and the pack-it folders that i used last time around, but they seemed to only add to the bulk instead of decrease it. so, after trying, in earnest, for almost thirty minutes to get everything to fit into my larger suitcase, i was ready to call it quits.

i took a deep breath, called my beau and made sure that he had an iron. mind you, the good majority of the clothes i wear don't require ironing. i'm pretty low-maintenance in the clothing department; i'm a jeans and t-shirt girl through and through. however, since we are planning to go out for a nice dinner and possibly to the theatre while i'm there, i'm taking along some nicer clothes as well, which will definitely need to be ironed. at the very least, they'll need to be steamed.

so. once he assured me that he had an iron, i went back to the bedroom, put on some josh music to help get me through the ordeal, and started rolling things up. as of this point in time, every item of clothing i'm taking - with the exception of one pair of jeans and my delicates - have been placed inside my suitcase.

i've still got plenty of room for my makeup, flat-iron and other haircare essentials, my dress shoes, and the little odds and ends [mini sewing kit, first aid kit, converter, iBook adapter, cell phone adapter, etc.]. i've decided to avoid buying toiletries because they're just as easy to buy once i get to manchester [especially since we're going shopping the day i arrive for stuff for christmas dinner and such] and why weigh down my bag with things that i can easily [and inexpensively] purchase there? right now, my suitcase weighs in at about 30 pounds, so i should be under the 50 pound weight limit.

i'm not leaving until next friday, but i wanted to get most of my packing done before next week. the next few days are going to be quite busy, and this is just one less thing that i have to worry about.

well, i'm off to call the salon and schedule my hair appointment. oh, and i'm going to play with my new makeup that came in the post earlier before oprah comes on. i spent far too much money of bare minerals makeup about a week ago, but it lasts forever and it's one of the few brands of makeup that really work for my skin [tone and type]. speaking of, it's so hard to find good makeup for lighter skinned women of color. :/ or women of color period. and, on that note, aren't all women "women of color"?? since when is white no longer a color? lol. i'm rambling, but that irks me a bit.

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