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He's SO talented...and

joyjoy4josh's picture
on December 12, 2006 - 4:34pm

I'm just so excited for my first Josh concert!
I try to catch a glimpse of him on whatever he is on - tv wise. I'm a little envious of folks who aren't working - they get to catch all of where he is and not have to worry about being at work and missing it!
I was thinking today that I really need to be a more agrressive kinda of girl. I was thinking about the folks who went up to NY for GMA and ones who have a backstage pass kind of thing. I would never be aggressive enough to approach him. I'd probably be frozen and make an idiot of myself or say something
I just appreciate his talent and his sharing his talent with everyone. I'm sure there is nothing that he hasn't seen or heard from his GrobieFans.
Beside being talented in alot of ways, he is very polite and silly sometimes and easy to look
He has to love his fans, but it must be very strange to have someone (or many people) you don't know want to hug and know you.
It's fun to learn about him and his family. He comes from a very caring and decent family. His parents have raised him right and it's obvious. Aside from his famousness, he seems like a very normal and fun guy. Maybe a little nerdy at one time - like he talked about on Oprah. I'm happy that he found his niche in LACHSA.
He has sort of a boyish charm, yet is mature in his calling...
A very unique person. I love his natural smile. He seems very caring. Sometimes darkish. He seems like a bit of a jokester among his friends and/or people that he is comfortable with. He seems fairly comfortable with Oprah.
I hope that he comes here often and just reads about his fans and how much we appreciate his talent and want all good things to happen for him and his family.
Even though he has never met most of us, we adore him.
That must be weird.
Just some thoughts before my surgery. My iPod will be full of his talent. I'll need that soothing voice to encourage me and help me through it all...
Thanks Josh...

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