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A truly BROWN moment..........

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on December 13, 2006 - 12:33pm

Good afternoon to all. Been busy as a bever trying to get things done today. Haven't really had to much time to play. The weather is a bit overcast and and looks like we are in for more rain. Oh, how I so love the rain. The only thing I don't like about it is when we take the dog outside to do his business, the dog won't go. Apparantly he isn't quite comfortable about peeing in the rain. But then, who would be? Oh, and I did say dog, not spouse! LOL...Although I can't really say I have ever asked spouse if he liked peeing in the rain or not....HAHAHAHAHAH! Ok, I am officially a goober. But the dog is still on my s**t list. Last night caught him trying to lick the dinner. I made steak, and I THOUGHT it was high enough for him to stay out of reach, but as soon as I turn my back, Brownie is going after supper. UGHHH! If it isn't the stupid garbage, it is dinner. Needless to say he spent some time in his kennel after that. I tell you, young dogs are so much like kids, and the fact they get into EVERYTHING. Just the other day, I was laying in my bed and I could hear my daughter Sarah yelling in the kitchen. She was yelling, "Brownie just sniffed my butt...Gross". It took me several days to stop laughing over that.If you spend anytime with this family, you would probably shake your head in astonishment at the kind of conversations we had after that moment. When you have kids, conversations generally end up going down into a disgusting level. Why is that? Yep, every moms dream is to explain to their child why dogs sniff butts... Yikes! HAHAHAH! It is also why I am not one for dogs to lick me in the face. LOL...No, thats not the reason why we call our dog Brownie either!

Went on another night walk last night after spouse got home. Yes, I took my same old CD with me as usual. Something about the AWAKE cd that really is soothing to me when I find myself in a quiet moment.I am not sure what it is, but I have been drawn to it constantly. Especaially if I am feeling a little out of sorts. It could be that it is still new to me, and so I haven't gotten sick of it yet, but I doubt I will ever. But when ever I find some moment to truly call my own, I generally play music and it is normally something I can either relate to, or something that makes me recall a time and place in my life. Like the song Awake itself. For some reason, that song above all the rest hit me stronger last night then it has before. I am not sure if it is the words itself, or how Josh sings them, but it really brought out my feelings for my kids. Rumor has it, that Josh wrote that song for has parents, which in itself is pretty cool. I can only imagine how they feel after hearing something like that from their son. But when I hear it, I almost always picture my own son. I can picture him sitting on my lap with his little hand in mine looking up at me as if to wonder if I will always be there for him. I picture this more so with him, then with my daughters. I guess because he is still a baby in my eyes, and I can see him slowly turning into a regular kid, a regular kid who doesen't need mom as much. He is my last kid, so when he grows up, all my babies will sort of be gone. Yes, they will always be "my babies", but their youthful innocence will all be just a memory. Life changes way to fast sometimes. I am not sure if I am ready for all its changes. Is anybody? Yes, I want more time to feel this way. We can't stay like this forever, but I can have you next to me today..... I adore those lines....And, at the end of this beautiful song, right before he sings the last line, the words and music just soars so nicely together, that it just makes me want to fly away to somewhere like no other place. It is amazing what good music will do to me. Josh really did a great job on this CD. Best one yet. Woo hoo, Groban knows how to please the ladies... HAHAHAHHAH! I am so a DORK! You know, its almost a shame Josh is who he is. After all, he can't get Joshed like the rest of us Grobanites.....HAHAHHAH! I must have had too much of "Grandpas cough medicine" again.........LALALALA!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, son has just fell asleep on the couch as I don't think he is feeling the great today. He has been rather in a grumpy mood. Poor kid. Poor me! That means it is quiet here at the moment and I can actually hear myself think. Which somedays, I am not sure if that is a good idea. LOL! Hope everyone is smiling through their days making the most of it. Its a great time of year to make someone smile. But then, every day of the year is a great time to make someone smile.

My tip for today is not to let the dog play with its own poop. Yuck!. Sheesh, dogs!................

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