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"So She Dances" & ILDivo

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on December 13, 2006 - 8:35pm

I love February matter how tired I am, it is restful and sweet to my ears. An all day writing and server work has totalled me and I am off on travel for the holidays. I look forward to R&R and other goodies.

I love the new "So She Dances" wallpaper I made tonight...too many requests and not enough time and in my sleepy-mode I created one I really like for myself 8o)).

There is something special and intense when Josh sings so totally into his "space" and produces such loveliness for our ears!

I want a complete video of "February Song" and "So She Dances" and...

ILDivo, my second favorite in music was on TNT tonight's Christmas show in Washington singing "O Holy Night" and they were great, as usual.

How can we all survive such beauty in music!!!!

"Forgive me if I slip away..."

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