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on December 15, 2006 - 5:34pm

Happy Friday to all. Its a late blog for me as I have just returned from the movies with my daughter Sarah. I took her to go see Charlottes Web. I must say what a cute movie it was, however, not as great as the book, or even the original cartoon of it. But it was cute none the less. Suddenly, I have a strong desire to have a pig! HAHAHA! I think the one thing missing from this movie was all the wonderful songs that the original cartoon brought. Music for me usually ties in with a movie,and has a way of bringing out the story even more, and so without it, just does not seem right. But I enjoyed going, as I do going to most movies. I guess because for an hour and a half, a story can take you to some other place. A place where your mind can live in a world of imagination for even just a moment.Lets me escape reality for just a little while. Even a simple child hood story such as Charlottes Web can lift you up with its beautiful message. Friendship is one of the best messages you can teach your children. Heck, friendship is something you SHOULD be able to teach most adults as well. As I was sitting their watching the movie I realized there seems to be a lot of great movies for children these days and I have pretty much been to most of them. As for the ones that really interest me, well, those are hard to find. I am a bit more pickier in the things I see for myself. I actually almost prefer the ones made for children. I generally stay away from movies with too much graphic violence, sex, or bad language. I think alot of movies loose their importance or meaning when doped up with way too much violence or foul language.As for the sex part, well, I am a little more tolerant on that. After all, it is human nature. HAHAHAHA! Too much is just a big turn off for me. Atleast most of the time anyway.* giggles* That pretty much leaves alot of movies out for me. I believe the last movie I did see that wasn't made for kids was The Last king of Scottland. Now theres a movie that had some violence.But in this case, it was something that needed to be shown in that movie to make its point. I actually found it appropriate in this film. Although I admit I did have to close my eyes in a few scenes. Sometimes, and rarely, does violence make the movie more dramatic, and worth while seeing. But thats only if its done right.Just give me a good storyline and I am happy. Anyway, that was an awesome movie.

Ok, we were off to the movies earlier today, and I cannot tell you how many cars that passed us that were in such a hurry. Why do people feel the need to rush to get to places? Especially this time of year? I wasn't slow, or speeding either, but apparantly it makes people upset if you actually obey the speed limit.Why do they have speed limits when almost nobody pays attention to them? What happened to just slowing things down and just getting there when you get there?Life is just to short to be rushing through traffic like that. Put on a good CD, and enjoy the drive. Atleast thats what I do. It was just a frustrating moment because I had my daughter in the car and people just drove crazy around us. It really bugged me. No wonder there are so many accidents on the road. I wish people were not in such a hurry get to places. LEAVE EARLIER FOLKS! Don't mean to complain, but when you are driving with children, it becomes an issue with me. It takes a lot to irritate me, but stupid driving is one of the few things that does get to me easily.Not that I have never done anything stupid, but I atleast try to be respectful toward other drivers. Seems the impatientness really comes out in people this time of year. Its a shame too, cause its a time of Peace and Love.

I am home now, my kids have officially been excused from school til January, and are all about to watch Christmas movies. Don't ya just love this time of year? I am not sure if I am happy because I don't have to get up so early for the next few weeks or if I am scared of all the trouble they may get into. Either way, Christmas day should be a good one for them. Being with them on this magical day will make everything worth while. So, I am going to go grab some hot Chocolate, and relax for the rest of the evening. Hope every one else finds their little pleasures of life. Theres plenty to discover!

My tip for today is to not put the dogs poop that he just made on the kitchen floor into the garbage can in the kitchen. It will stink up the house still....... !!!!!!!

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