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The tree outside is watching me

mswizzzard's picture
on December 16, 2006 - 2:09pm

Well hello my friends new and old margie76 thanks for the note and to my Charlotte's Web friend thanks for bringing me back to my childhood. Rachel came over this morning - I gave her the Awake CD from the club and she was so happy. It is great to have a child who appreciates you and has a relationship with you. She'll be 25 this year and I can't believe it wow. I wish I was able to repair the relationship with her younger brother whom I :lost: 5 years ago - stopped speaking to me and never looked back. But we all have our pains to bear. I like to imagine that he is as handsome as Josh and as happy. If he is happy that is enough for me.

Rachel watched the Oprah segement because she missed it and I taped we had to watch it twice LOL - I am feeling much better the doctor gave me another bladder instillation of mixed meds and I know it's a weird way to get medicine but it really helped I actually had enough energy to do some cleaning with Josh blaring of course.

I will be celebrating Yule soon - the women's spiritual group meets on the 20th and we are sharing gifts, food and a goddess game. These women are so wonderful and caring. Many of us also celebrate Hannukah, Kwanza and Christmas too our spiritual world and our visions may not be understood by many but it is what we feel comfortable with. For me it's mainly the goddess and the mother earth that I believe in. I am of Celtic origin so the Irish traditions are part of my celebrations. *secular - my Celtic name is Ita Keyley. When Josh sang with Andrea Corrs I was enthralled. Well I'm off to check your blogs. Blessings

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