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Agents, Babies, Christmas, Exercise ...

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on December 19, 2006 - 4:22am

Wow! Only 3 more days (well four really since this day is still in the early stages and the sun isn't even up yet) until I can start my Christmas shopping!! Stop laughing! Hahahahahaha! Seriously, after that fiasco with my van getting repo'd and having to buy a new one we had a set back ... and so thanks to the big heart of one of my most favorite people who shall remain nameless my bank account is NOT in the negative by hundreds of dollars and I can start and finish my shopping this weekend. Sounds impossible you say? Maybe ... *snicker* But maybe not! *sneering* Only time will tell -- I'll have to let you know how it goes!

So I'm searching for a new agent - not that my OLD agent isn't any good - my GOD she was THE B*E*S*T but I really need to get going on getting published. I know I said before that I didn't like to make NY resolutions and I don't but I do resolve to finding out whether or not I can actually be published. I've let more people read my stuff and they seem to enjoy it so I have to find out. Still haven't heard back from Harlequin. I'm sure that if my agent heard anything she would let me know, I'm SURE of it!

Baby Girl is doing well. She's a little gassy - but aren't we all!! Hahahahaha! I sat holding her the other night and before her momma took her home I changed her diaper - true to form she LOVED having it off and peed all over hahahaha! I love babies ... just not sure if I want another. (talk me out of it!)

So Doc Smith has given me a new exercise routine -- and he doesn't want me working out 7 days a week ... that's gonna kill me. I feel guilty if my BFA is just sitting at the computer and I haven't run. He wants me to start sculpting and I agree. The pounds don't seem to be melting off the way I think they should have by now. He said there is a noticeable difference though which I'm happy about. What the heck am I going to do those other two days a week??? YIKES!!!!

I had a great day yesterday - I felt good, I was happy, the patients were fantastic - although we had one patient who was a jerk but hey, for ONCE I wasn't the recipient of his/her emotional, angry outburst!!!!! Should have played the lottery ... BTW for the record I won't -- play the lottery that is!

I've got to get my buns in gear and finish my wallpapers for my calendar - sheesh, it's almost '07!!!!!!!! Who wants one?

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