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Merry Joshmas

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on December 25, 2006 - 3:29pm

Halleluia, it is over. I'm home from my mom and dad's. I've got my jammies on and I'm relaxing on the couch (with my laptop). I'm surrounded by lots of christmas STUFF. Presents, candy, torn gift wrap, instructions, batteries, bows, not to mention the booty we brought in from Grandma's house. (Man, that words been used a lot this week!) ha ha.

Gift cards were popular this year. My dad was telling me today that he read where approximately 40 million dollars worth of gift cards and certificates were not redeemed last year. That's sort of sick when you think about it.
And children are dying of starvation and aids in Africa. I can't deal with that!!

So, my visit with my family went well. It's always better on Christmas I guess. THIS time we debated on why the church gives out food baskets to people in 2006 America. Is it to make the church feel better, or is it because people are honestly in need. Mom said every house she walked in this year with a basket was not her idea of needy. She ought to know coming from 1940's poverty with an immediate family of 17 people who didn't take welfare. She wrote the book on poverty. So that was an interesting discussion. We ALWAYS have to discuss something.

The kids were so sweet this morning when we woke up. That is the highlight of my day...watching their faces. Weeks of shopping, over in 30 minutes. It was fun seeing their excitement. I envied it although I am pretty stoked over my $50 Amazon gift certificate!!

Josh sounded perfect on GMA and looked amaZing. Tomorrow it's the Kennedy Honors. Merry Joshmas!!!

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