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A crazy time

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on December 26, 2006 - 8:51am

What a crazy holiday. Having family over sure takes alot out of me. I think the hardest part about it all is the clean up that follows afterwards as I cannot wait to get my house back in tip top shape.AS for Christmas itself, it went smoothly for a change. Usually around holidays when the family spends any amount of time together, disagreements usually happen atleast once. For some miracle, didn't happen this year. Thank God for that. My parents had visited from Montana, so I ended up sleeping in the Garage. Yep, the Garage. We have a couch out there and I have to tell you, it was the most darkest, and quietest place to sleep in the whole dang house. Sure, a bit cold, but had 4 huge blankets on me to keep warm. Slept like a bear too. A big snuggly bear.

I have been keeping up with the talk on FOJG regarding this whole Blendor issue. It is calming down a bit, but still see the occasional disagreement about it.I scratch my head and wonder why people act the way they do. I don't mean Josh, I mean the Grobanites.The constant fighting has really made me feel so bad, it isn't even funny. Seems peoples desire to be heard is more important than actual feelings. It is why I am trying to keep out of it from now on. I have even had a few people still ask me why it bothers me so much and what exactly Josh said that got to me. I think I explained it to the best of my abilities a few blogs ago. I just want to leave it alone now before anyone else gets mad, or hurt. It is not worth keeping the hurt inside any more.It is no even worth talking about anymore. My feelings are still the same about it, but difference in views are going to happen. Does not mean I have any less respect for him. So, please don't ask me any more. Life is too short to be holding resentment for anyone. We should be celebrating the fact he is making music, and sharing it with all of us.He has brought us on a wonderful Journey and look forward to seeing where it goes. I expect bumps on this road of discovery, but hey, bumps can be fun. LOL....Keeps your mind from getting bored. That is the reason why we joined FOJG in the first place. That and the good friends.

Ok, I have finally got what I needed to say out. Time to go back and be the dorky person that I am. LALALALALALALALALALALALALAL!!!!!!! It is almost new Years, and time to think about what I want out of this upcoming new Year. I don't make new years resolutions, so it shall be easy to do. The only thing I ever look forward to is just trying to make myself better, and grow as a person in every way I can. No special plans, or set goals, just taking it day by day. I do look forward to the two Groban concerts this year as it will be my first time seeing him. Maybe there will be even a few Meet and Greets as well. I cannot think of anything more fun then meeting people who share the same love of music. Wicked cool. As you can tell, it does not take much to make me happy. I have very simple pleasures.

Well my dear friends, I certainly hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. Was Santa nice to you? Did he leave you coal in your stockings? Or underwear? Did you make sure Santa didn't take anything as he committed a felony by breaking into your house? Is it right for an old man in a loud red suit to visit a house with under age minors? HAHAH. I am sorry, feeling silly now. Two of my 3 kids know the truth about Santa, and I laugh about it now. WE still have to be hush hush for my son, as he is only 4. I still want the magic for him. Although, he is actually scared of Santa. No, we don't tell him that Santa breaks in. Sheesh..... My son just is a kid who gets nervous over strange looking characters. I think alot of kids are. But maybe somday he will get excited. We shall see.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great week. My tip for today is to wear the most loudest clothes possible if going to a Christmas party, and make sure your underwear is just as loud........ Ok, don't know why, just felt like saying that......... I told ya, I am a gooberrrrrrrrrrr

Oh, if Josh really does picks his nose while he is driving, it is SNOT funny...................MUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH! He sure PICKED the right thing to say there......LOL...........I know, what a booger I am......

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