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An Utterly big Dork I am

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on December 29, 2006 - 9:41am

Greetings! I don't know about you, but I think this year just flew by. I can't believe it is almost 2007. I wonder what this new year will bring? Hopefully more great things. Any how, my kids are still sleeping, lucky them, and I am once again doing what I do best. Writing about nothing. LOL.

Took the kids out to dinner last night and on the way we listened to Taylor Hicks new Cd. I have to admit, I did not fall in love with it after hearing it for the first time. It is ok, but I think it is less soul sounding then I was expecting. Especially since he is the king of the "Soul Patrol." I was hoping a little more like the Taylor we saw on American Idol. He did some killer tunes on that show. I miss watching him dance too. HAHAHAH. One of my favriotes songs he has done is Taking it to the Streets, which isn't on this CD, but still one of my faves. But I will listen to it again, and I hope maybe it will get better for me. I am dissapointed I didn't love it right away. Darn. My expectations were really high from him too. Maybe too high??? Even the kids agreed that they didn't like it. I will say one thing good about it, atleast his songs are all original. I give him his props for that. It is way too easy for an artist to do songs that other people have already done many times before. He branched out a little I think. SO, I had to find something that the kids did appreciate so they wouldn't keep complaining. On the way home we listened to Michael Buble. Ok, that rocked the car. We all love Michael . When in doubt, we play Michael. He is my other dude! It was so sweet to see my 4 year old son sing Quando Quando Quando. He does such a good job with it too. I tell you, it was quite the family sing along. HAHAHA! I haven't gotten them trained enough to totally get into Josh, but I am working on that. MUHAHAHAHAHHAHA! *Mom sets evil plot to grobanize them.* I do see them sing to Josh songs every once in awhile, but not enough for me to play it in my car all the time. I am pretty much leaving the Josh music to myself when I go on my little night walks. Its kind of like my own special music just for me when I do go on them. Of course every Grobanite will tell you that they feel like the songs are just for them. I guess when you can connect with his songs emotionally as much as we do , its hard not to feel that way. The music is just so goooooood!!!!!!

I did manage to go on my walk last night with my Awake CD as usual. That is definitely my favriote walking music. I could not help but feel so at peace with the music and the stars. The clouds in the sky were scarce, but a few had stretched out through the night time sky, and the moon light had reflected on them making it appear as if some one had painted streaks in the sky. It was actually a beautiful sight. I have gotten so fond of walking at night just so I can admire these beautiful creations. Mr Grobans music just fits in so well with it too. I think maybe I will try my Secret Garden CD next time. I bet that would be just as moving. I can just hear the violins now......... oh, yeah.............!!!!!!!!

I have managed to stay away from the FOJG forums for a whole day. Wow, a record for me. LOL. I just not ready to get back on those boards just yet. Still a little hurt. Good news is IM's and PM's have stopped about this. Did get Email from Linda about how she was doing. I hope things at home will work out for her. I know she has had it rough lately. Not just here, but at home too. The boards really need her humor there. I miss Goofybutt! I think both of us feel like there isn't anything we can say there that someone will totally take the wrong way. So, a break will do us good. Besides, it gives me a chance to catch up on things at home I have been meaning to get to. I want so much to get back to my writing, as it has been awhile since I have created anything new. And lets face it, I could use the practice.

Well, I am off to be a seriously big dork now. Hope ya all can stand another dork in this world. I certainly hope you all are planning a huge New Years party with all your friends and family. A great time to remember those who you love and all the good times they have brought to you. Not much Partying goes on here in Gustine. MOOOOOOOOO! I live in the land of Cows. I know, an UTTERLY good time! What can I say, I MILK it for all it is worth.........Maybe I should move to MOO York City. LALALALLALA! Ok, I will stop. Hope ya all have a great day! Smile, I am watching ya all. No, I am not a stalker, sheesh!

My tip for today is if you ever run into your favriote singer ever, say something intelligent and not the fact your town has cows......... Me a serious geek! I don't think I can ever get over me saying that......I am a DORK for sure! But a happy Dork!

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