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with you

Emmily's picture
on January 1, 2007 - 5:45pm

not quite sure what it is about the sound of your voice on these songs. a longing, a sadness, a bit of regret, a sincere belonging to what might have been. the deepness of your words and the fact that you basically reveal what is in you is enough to make me close my eyes and turn away. not real sure if it is your words or the way in which you say them that has me totally disolved in a memory and present day all at once. when your words come to an end i hear sounds that revolve around me and i disappear into a dream.....maybe even a vision of light and love a place i know. there are songwriters and then there are poets. those who can etch moments in our hearts and souls.......draw pictures behind our closed eyes. they show us the feelings and emotions of moments of lost loves, opportunities now gone, memories of glances and magical but brief connections. it is all so simple josh and true. as your voice echos within my ears and the music builds i cannot help but wonder why you chose these songs to sing/record. wonder why they were not included on awake and if you will ever perform them in concert. they are 2 of the most expressive and passionate songs i have ever listened to. they are you josh and i sure hope there are more of them somewhere in your future mind and heart. you have just GOT to continue writing and producing and singing the songs that are from your heart. thanks jw for believing in you.

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