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Another day has gone by.

vijaykumar's picture
on January 6, 2007 - 8:14pm

I just got home form work 20 minutes ago. And boy Im happyer now.
one of the store managers was on my case tonight for no reason, well not one that was my falt anyway.
It was a very hard night for me again. I'm not one to keep bugging. Well thats becuase of the bullying for school. I dont take it well when someone is bugging me or just complaining to me. So yeah I'm better now that I'm home and listen to Josh.
It helps more than anyone could ever know.

Well now on a better note.
Josh it seans has been a very bizy man lately.
Bring out yet another cd. Cant wait to go get it tomorrow. Cant wait to listen to that one too. I bet its as good as all his cds.
Well I know it will be. And I beleive it will help me out too. With the stress of work. I did not really how to explain it by just listening to Josh sing makes all my worries disappear. And for some reason its just him. Only his voise can do that for me. Its hard to explain. And for that I am glade that he dose what he dose. Singing.

Thanks Josh Cant wait to listen to it.

Keep up the great work Josh!

Well got to go its 11:12 pm here and I woprk tomorrow. so I need to go to bed soon, not that I wont to. Now I'm wide awake.

Good night Grobanites!

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