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Yet Another Bad Morning

vijaykumar's picture
on January 9, 2007 - 10:09am

I was rudly awoken this morning by my dad again. He was still mad at me it seemed. He asked me what was wrong. As if he didnt know, besides he's the one mad at me and yeah I am mad now too.
Then he asked me what was wrong so I told him that I didnt like it when he called me a Bitch.
And then he said you where and if you where a guy I would have hit me until I was on the floor on conjuse.

Sorry about my spelling!

So I said what stopped you. But he didnt answere.
Right now I dont care. All I look forward to is leave in 12 months or if I have the money sooner then that.
Than he told me to smarten up and help out around here, that I can leave at any time if I did like it.

But you know , I think he is blind. Because I do the dishes before I go to work,I claen the house, I do the laundry too, And I bring in fire wood when the rack is emtee, and I pay for the pet food cats and the dogs, and I all bring them to the vet when thry need it and pay for that too.

Like what the hell, dose he think I am a robot.

Than he even had the nerve to ask me for 1000 dollars to pay for my youngest brothers drivers lincensing course.

I dont think so.

No way am I giving him that, he never pays back what he borrows.
Besides I have planes. Yeah I love my brother but he can get a job too.
I will be moving far far away form here.
I cant wait.
Well better go before he finds me on here.

I dont like it when he trys to quite smoking or is just pised off at everone one, or just himselt and takes it out on me or my brothers.

Listening to you Josh,at times like this, helps me more then you could ever know. It makes me beleive that feedom is on its way.

Wish one day I could tell you in person. But this will have to do.

Thank You

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