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A Better morning so far.

vijaykumar's picture
on January 10, 2007 - 7:37am

This morning seems to be better. I was still woken up though. But just to ask if I wanted to go in town.
And I didnt.
I think my dad realizes that he was wrong.
Well yesterday I cornered him in the shop and told him how I felt and that we are both acting immiutre.
But really I know that is was him mostly because for the passed two day he would not talk to me, only tell me what to do in a mad vioce.
Oh well, I dont really care it done with, well I hope!

Its funny to though becuause he change the subjuct to that you need to think of what you are going to be doing with your life.

Dose he not listen to me when I do tell him.

Than he went off to say that most people are never ready to leave and that they jump into it to soon.

And that they dont have a expereance in any thing or not enough.

Look here I have been training dog since I was just 10 years old that was 10 years ago. I think and I know I have expereance in training dogs.
Beside everyday a trainer is learning a new way to train there dog.

Oh well I know he is just saying that because he cares but it also make me feel that he dosent beleive in me. That I will not make it out there.
Some faith he has.

Well life is full of any path and you can only pick one, and try it. And if it dont work out for you well pick another path.

Well I dont plan on coming back here but if I have no other way to go maybe I will, but it would have to be somthing big to have changed my mind.
Besides I sure that in L.A there are alot of pet owners and that I could find a job in any fild working with them. As alone as I get to work with animals I will be very happy.

I know that I have always wanted to show dogs, so I can become a show dog handler for the AKC or the CKC witch ever.

And not only that the school that I will be going to will teache me all I need to know about exotci animal care so I can work at a Zoo too.
I love the zoo.
Its very nice to see all kinds of animals and lean so much more than I know about them.

Well I got to go.

I will be back later.

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