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on January 10, 2007 - 9:40am

Well after watching House on TV and seeing him on the top 5 on AOL - I thought about my own prescription use. Unfortunately if you have followed my blog you know I have an incurable disease which is controlled by narcotics. Every 8 hours Oxycontin 40 mg and in between Oxy IR - I debate between taking it every 6 hours or going through the shakes for the 2 hours till I'm supposed to take it.

Josh helps I listen and my mind gets off the shakes and creepy crawlies. Those of you who read my blog help out weigh in what I should do. Ask the doctor for more meds or try and deal with it on my own and get back up to the 8 hours? I'll never be able to be completely get off the drugs until they come up with a cure for the bladder disease Interstitial Cystitis. I have my appeal in for social secuirity disability and gotten a lawyer but he charges over $5,000 I'm not sure what I should do It's like a dual world. By the way I've been reading blogs and some of you write inspiring things thank you.


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