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on January 11, 2007 - 5:43pm

I don't like sounding down trodden in here and I shouldn't air my business, but it'll make me feel better to get it out. Everyone has problems. Get in line. Well our number came up today. Because I'm such a realist I'm usually never taken off guard when problems arise. I think that's a self protection mechanism.
Things are going along just wonderfully, but in the back of my head there is always that thought of "Wow, wonder when the bomb will drop? This is too good to be true!" I realize no matter how hard I work making my life carefree, I'm still at the mercy of certain people and situations. Think that's called "Life".

Anyway!! What's happened recently is with Robert's job. He's been in law enforcment since he's been 20 years old. I don't have enough memory on 100 computers to type out how hard that type of career is. You deal with politics within and danger beyond.
Several months ago he was given an "acting" sargeants position based on his seniority. It was supposed to be temporary. That temp job turned into 19 months with sargeants pay and responsibilities. Today Robert goes in to find out that they decided to let someone else have it for awhile and they want to put him back out on the police motorcycles. The whole time the unofficial word was he would have the promotion permanently. Now, he will be thrown back out into general population with men he has had to supervise and back to regular pay. He is devastated! He insisted on knowing if it was his job performance and they insisted it wasn't. They said there had been some grumbling that other people hadn't been given the opportunity to serve. In the meantime they have never given the promotional exam to have an offical promotion for the position. It's incompetence and mismanagement and no one gives a rats ass. He has grounds for a grievance, but that's a no win situation either. He says he knows he should just lay over and take it. That's the motto at that department- "We will screw you, it's just a matter of time."
It's not devastating to us financially thank God, it's just so hurtful after you've been faithful to a department for so long.
He will go tomorrow and speak again to his captain about it. I hope it goes well.
It kills me to see him like this.

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