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Don't let your stupidness show

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on January 15, 2007 - 9:29am

Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King! A great day to remember someone important from our history! And a chilly one at that. I went out side to take the dog out to do its duty and I think I left a part of me out there..... BRRRRRRRR! If ya see a caboose, leave it alone, its mine! When you take a dog oustside and he poops icicles, than ya know its cold. HAHAHHAHAH!

Ok, it was way too cold for a walk last night, and I think I am seriously going through walk withdrawls here. It is the only time I really get to have any time to myself away from anyone else and get in one with some really good music. I have not been able to do that for a few days now and it is beginning to make me a little crazy. I ended up watching a bit of Tv last night before I started some more writing. Ever watch that show "Grease, Your the One that I Want?" Well, it is kind of like American Idol except they are trying to find the new "Sandy and Danny" for a broadway musical. The movie is such a classic, and I don't think anyone could totally capture the true spirit of the original Sandy and Danny. Of course played by Olivia Newton John, and John Travolta. But the show last night seemed interesting enough. It was the first time I had seen the show, so I can't really fill ya in on the drama that has been happening..... Believe me, there was some apparantly.

Ok, generally, I am not too much into reality shows, (only watch a couple of them) but they seem to be everywhere.Our society seems to be fixated on reality TV. ACCCKKK! I even came accross one on a different channel called Beauty and the Geek. I watched for about a minute then I felt my stupidness start to come out so I turned the TV off rather quickly. I can't have that showing now can I? I swear, the things people watch for entertainment. No wonder our society is loosing its values. Actually, I think society spends way too much time watching TV in the first place. What ever happened to spending time on creativity and using ones imagination? If my kids watch TV, I try to atleast get my kids to watch animal planet or some learning show like that. I can handle that kind of TV. Crocodile hunter is still popular at this house. RIP Steve. If it can make a person think about themselves, about the world, and life in general, than yeah. Don't be afraid to use your mind! Even if it hurts! HAHAHAHHA! *ouch, my brain hurts again*

So, after a wonderful knowledge seeking night of television, (roll eyes), I ended up doing some more writing. I had negelected it for some weeks now, so it was kind of refreshing to spend some time on it. I have a few poems almost done, so I am kind of happy that I made myself do some last night. I kind of enjoy keeping my mind active. Ok, stop laughing at me. I still have a mind. Something very peaceful in putting thoughts down on paper. Even if it is only a few words strung together to form a simple idea. Just the idea of being able to practice creativity is such a beautiful gift. Hoping to do more today if kids let me...... They have been back to school a whole week now from their 3 week break and already they have another day off....... sheesh. Wheres my day off? Do I get one? Someday.........

Well, my felllow goobers, its another week, and it is starting off on the bright and sunny side here in the land of MOOOOOO! Ur, I mean Gustine. Hope you all have a great day, month, week, year, decade, century........ etc....HAHAHAH! Ok, I will make it simple for ya. Have a nice life!

My tip for today is if your gonna do the chicken dance in your car , make sure ya have tinted windows.........just ask my daughter........!


"We must accept finite

disappointment, but never lose

infinite hope"...... Martin Luther King Jr.


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