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NIce change

vijaykumar's picture
on January 17, 2007 - 2:36pm

I feel oddly optimistic about school now.

My summaries for English are good. Now if only would get it's butt in gear and send me my book (it was supposed to be here yesterday). I'd really like to get the next three done over the weekend so I can use that week's time to do other classes' work.

Math was good. I did all the problems for the
inclass assignment in about twenty minutes. She assigned fifteen or so problems for homework and of course those are the ones I have no idea how to do. But no worries. I have a tutoring that I have to go to anyway and get 15 hours in, so that'll be my plan on Friday.

Still can't go to see Josh live, but that's okay. Maybe next time.

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