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What I would like to do before I die

suzypooh's picture
on January 18, 2007 - 7:05am

I really would love to visit a Tuscan village and stay with a true Italian family at a bed and breakfast style home - experiencing the village life and cooking. That would be fabulous to learn the culture - maybe a two week excursion and then move on to Venice and float down a canal in a Ghondola with my lover. Whoever that may be at the time. LOL Hee Hee - O.K. If HOG is still around - I guess he'll have to do. So hmmm - I have a lot of money to save up. Don't know if I can work it out to get there when Josh is there, but that would be the icing on the cake. Then I would like to go to Paris, France for a couple of days and then onto the vineyards in the South of France - Switzerland, Austria, Germany - then Ireland, Scotland, England and maybe Sydney Austrailia and New Zealand later on.

Then onto the rest of the USA - Still got to see Yosemite - the San Diego Zoo, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas and a few other places in between. Oh and don't forget the largest Teapot in the world - I think that is somewhere in the Northwest. Do I love the idea of traveling? I guess so - thinking about it is most of the fun. Actually getting to do it - is another and then actually surviving it - yet another. So we shall see.

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