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Kudos to the travelers

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on January 18, 2007 - 10:21am

Nothing like waking up to a cold morning and seeing a wintery frost cover everything outside. Of course it takes a good 20 minutes to defrost the car so, getting up early is a must this time of year. It is really alot of fun to get out of a warm bed when the room is just as cold as it is outside.Yes, that was sarcastic. LOL!!! I just returned from droping my youngest at preschool, so for a few hours I can hopefully get some things today with ease. I had planed on a walk this morning, but I think I may do some writing today. My heart seems to be in a creative mood.

Well, I am gonna brag here, as it is a moms duty to do so when it is about her kids, but yesterday was report card day for them and they did excellent as always. My oldest daughter Emily once again made the Scholastic Honor roll. That marks the 4th time in the last two school years! Two more, and she gets the presidential award. Woo hoo! As a stay at home mom, I do not get many rewards, but when I see how well my kids are doing in school, it really makes me feel proud and glad I made the decision to stay at home. It is not a glamourous job, but it is an important one! Is there anything more rewarding? I do not think so. I take my job very seriously. I just wish all parents did. Kids are our future, and they so need us to be there for them! My 3rd grade daughter Sarah did well too. She is once again one of the top kids in her class. So, for a treat we took them out to dinner. Nothing fancy, as we really can't afford anything major and the fact my son is too scared to go into most restaurants, but we did take them to the local Del taco. I know, really healthy choice there...*roll eyes*.... It is a place where they have a play area, so atleast they can have some fun. My son runs around being silly as usual and suddenly starts calling everyone a big boob! I know I probably shouldn't have laughed, but just to see a 4 year old boy say that was just hysterical. All I can say was, thank goodness not many people were around us. We did meet one lady who was there with her son.I think she got quite a chuckle over his comment.But we talked, and I listened to her story inwhich I found to be quite interesting to say the least. They drive a truck for a living and basically travels between California and Michigan every single week. She and her husband home schools her son, or shall we say truck schools her son while they are driving. There truck is there home. They do have an actual home, but hardly is ever there. Can you imagine raising a child on the road like that? Can you imagine home schooling them at the same time? I am sure you can get some good education out of that, but what about social skills? The boy was very well behaved, and got along great with my kids. I was kind of surprised. It takes them exactly 36 hours to get from one coast to another. They pretty much drive straight through without stopping too many times. Wow, that is a lot of driving. I give her alot of credit for taking on something like that. What started off to be only for 1 year for them, turned into 12. It sounds like a big adventure, and fun in a way, but there is something sweet about having one place to call home. Home is security. Home is where we can be our authentic selves and not be afraid to fall. To be able to sleep in your own bed every night is a blessing in its own. To be constantly on the road every night like that, takes a really strong, and determined person. I don't think I could do that, atleast not with my kids as young as they are, but adventure is always appealing. Kudos to the travelers............

Ok, another American Idol last night, and another night of serious laughter. Ya know, I know it is cruel to laugh at some of them, but really, do any of these people ever listen to themselves? Then they have the nerve to be upset with Simon because he is being honost, yes, sometimes cruel, self! Atleast he does not sugar coat anything. I totally admire his entertaining, but honost words.Even if they come off a little harsh. Hey, we all need to hear harsh things sometimes. It helps keep us grounded. I just don't understand why people act surprised when they hear such strong critical comments about their singing. Haven't they seen Idol before? They should already know Cowel by now........ Oh, and the fact SImon isn't bad to look at either doesen't hurt......hahaha, I know, the truth finally comes out....... hahahah! But can you imagine one day in the future, if Simon decides to get married and his wife asks him ."Honey, does this make me look fat?"..... imagine what his response would be.... " Why yes, big as a whale dear"...Theres honosty for ya! HAHAHHAHAHAH!

Ok, I finally have said enough. Maybe now I can go get to some of the around the house........yeah right.Hope ya all have a great day and keep out of trouble. Me, I love trouble. MUHAHAHHAHAHAH! Just kidding! Or am I?.......

My tip for today is to sing in front of your family before you try out for IDOL........ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s.......... My son went pee on the potty this morning! I told him he had to feed the mama potty with pee. It worked. Yipee! HAHAHA. I know,the stuff that I get excited about! What a goober I am!

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