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Worms and dancing

vijaykumar's picture
on January 19, 2007 - 9:30am

So, yeah. This morning I ate some of the most incredibly stale sour gummy worms that I've ever encountered. Scary stuff, really. I'm still sick, so I've been chugging chamomile tea and various brands of Orc Draught commonly called Dayquil. Anyone else get those irrepressible shudders when they drink that stuff?

And despite the fact that I'm drowning in snot, I have a dance rehearsal tonight at seven. I'm in a local theatre's version of Phantom of the Opera... it's not the one by Webber -- the director based her version off the novel, so we actually get to see Jaime and Sorelli and the Persian, etc. I'm no one exciting... Opera Chorus #35, but the chorus has so much to do that the main characters are a little jealous. We have to learn three very complicated dances and each chorus person has at least five different costumes while the MCs have a maximum of two or three. Tonight we're working on a number from Faust... the chorus is German countryfolk and my German name is Wido. It means warrior maiden. Yeah.

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