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A day in the life of a parent

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on January 21, 2007 - 12:41pm

Sunday Sunday Sunday! I want a sunday! One with lots of chocolate and nuts. lol.......Anyone else cold? I shouldn't complain, as we don't get snow and it hardly ever gets down past 30's in the day time. But yet, I am still cold. I guess I should probably stop thinking of ice cream then huh? The funny thing is , if it did snow here, I wouldn't mind it so much. Snow is very beautiful and would love my kids to experience the beauty of it for themselves. Sure, I could go to the mountains, but it is not the same. I guess I could always move to another state, cause then I would have to shovel it daily. No thank you! Nevermind! LALALAL, I am zipping my mouth now............

Not much planned today other than taking my oldest to go shopping when dad gets home from work. Next week is her birthday and we were originally going to have a party for her, but couldn't get the details worked out. So, instead Mom is taking her shopping. That made her smile. She was a little dissapointed about not having a party with her friends, but when I told her about shopping, she lit right up. I can tell she is my daughter. She is the type of girl who loves the stores, the mall, money....... oh, I am sorry to say she has gotten that from grandma. Sorry mom, had to rat you out. HAHAHAHH! It has always been hard taken her to any store as what ever she sees, she wants. She has gotten better over the years, as I have learned to put my foot down, but some days are just too tiring. I don't like to give in to her when she has these moments, but somedays a person will do anything to just shut them up. I know, that sounds awful doesen't it. Believe me, there are things I would love too, but being an adult, I have learned to say no quite well.Although, anything Groban is my big weakness. Drat. I don't want to be a grown up. But I think the hardest about her is the fact she is very emotional. Yes, she gets this from me . So, when she does not get something that she really wants, she use to have a huge fit. She has matured a little over the years, so it does not happen all that often. She still does get frustrated quite easily over certain things. Especially when not being able to do something she knows she knows how to. Like her homework. She is a smart girl, but math isn't one of her strong points. Not mine either sad to say.Her biggest problem with math is she rushes through her work trying to be the first one done, and her hand writting is really bad, so she ends up making tons of mistakes. It is funny to watch my husband and Emily do homework together. She has to act like she knows it all even when she is wrong. That, she gets from dad.HAHAHAHAHAH! She rolls her eyes, raises her voice........and dad, well, he gets frustrated with her when she does that. I can not tell you how many times I have told him she is almost a teenager and she is going to do that to rebel and to have patient with her. She needs patient from her parents. Its crucial. But does he listen to me? NOOOOOOOOOOO! So she gets even more frustrated, then he gets more frustrated, and mom wonders if I have to sepearte the two of them....... sheesh. I swear some days I feel like a mom to 4 kids instead of just 3. Emily is one of those girls who needs to feel appreciated and often.She needs to know that she is capable of doing things for herself. The slighest things can set her off. I certainly hope she out grows that. I think I did.... HAHAHAHAHA! I think it is also the fact that she is about to turn 11 and about to enter "those years"........ what a scary thought. I am not sure if I am ready for that. I know dad isn't. How do parents cope with the fact their children are about to enter a world filled with hormones.... and body changes? This world is so not the same as it use to be so I find myself wondering if what worked for me will work for her, for them. I guess like anything, its a learn as you go process. I just hope my learning process will be for the better......I would hate to see them end up like say, Brittney Spears......! Sure, wouldn't mind them to have the money, but certainly hope they wear panties to parties......... oh, my husband would scream at me knowing I said that..LOL.........He probably would lock them in cages. LOL........If only we could! *roll eyes*.....just teasing......Or am I?...... I think we are doing a good job with them. They are all good kids. But when your a parent, one needs to keep a sense of humor on these things or we will just go insane.......

One thing I will say about Emily, is she is one hell of an organizer. She keeps her things quite neatly for the most part. I wish I could say the same about her sister Sarah. Oh, I could write a book on the disorganiztion of Sarah. Sarah is a very bright, social, artistic, beautiful girl who would make you laugh at any thing she does. She is so bouncy, and happy go lucky that one cannot help but feel a sense of joy around her. Nothing bothers this kid. Infact, she is very popular at her school. She already has a little black book with lots of friends names and phone numbers. She is 8, and already working on her social life. Do I have to worry about her as a teen? You bet ya! One thing about Sarah is she is not very organized at all..... When I ask her to put clothes away, they go straight under the bed, or behind the dresser. Well, I did tell her to put them away, I just didn't say where. I guess thats my fault there........ It isn't just clothes either. When I go to do a weekly cleaning of their room, I end up finding all sorts of trash just stuffed in the most strangest of places. Most popular are wrappings found in her under wear drawer. They do have a trash can in their room, and it gets filled every day, but still, it is amazing what I find. My favriote are the many pieces of her polly pocket set that always ends up on the floor. My vaccum is probably filled with tons of little pieces....Why do toy manufactures make toys with thousand of pieces? AHHHHHHH! What is even worse are the toy cars they bind together in a package with wires, then screw them in, and superglue the wires. Do you know how hard it is to open those? A little boy does not have that kind of patients to wait for mommy to open his new car. I swear, toy companies love to torture us. It is a parents worse nightmare.Oh, the joys of parent hood. I haven't even talked about my son Kevin...... hahaha. He is only 4, so his life experiences are limited, but he can still cause me a few grays too. After all, he is a boy. If he would only learn to use the potty regularly........he got board with the mama potty idea, so I have to think of something else.

As crazy parenthood is, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I do not get paid for what I do, but seeing them grow into unique individuals is quite an amazing sight and an enriching one at that. It has really taught me alot.

I hope everyone finds joy in their kids. If ya don't have kids, then find enjoyment in some one elses kids......LOL. Remember, our kids today will be the ones to control our goverenment in the future.....


"Always do more

than is required of you".....George S Patton


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