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Its not a great day, and its my B-Day too.

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on January 21, 2007 - 2:54pm

Well its been a while since I have had a chanse to got on the computer. My younger brother hog it!
But now I have it.

Winter is now here for good. Today we had a high of -17, and it will go down overnight to -20 or more.
Snow is here and seems to be staying.

On any note.

This weekend was not all that great for me it didnt go the way I thought it would.
It was my Birthday on Saturday and my friend Lisa's too. So I went to her place for the weekend andit was alright for a bit.

We went to Barrie to get her two new Mini Rex Rabbits and to check outthe local pet shops too.It was fun.

But that all soon changed when we got back to her plcae. She all of a sudden started nit picking and yelling at me and more so to her boyfriend. I was to anoying. I really wonted to go home,not the home is any better. It just I had enough. I was really happy this moring because I was going home. Its funny too because in the car she said sorry for being grumpy, I dont know about that.
She dose it more than I think she reallize.
And besides she's know better than her boyfriend. She tells himto clean up or do the dishes andhe'll forget, so she yells at him,but she herself dont do much at all, even caring for her pets seems like a chor to her.
I just try not to thunk about it. I just dont like it when she is so called grumpy but really just Lazy.
It has not been much of a great day so far, even though its my birthday.

Not that it seemed that way when I got home eight.

My dad was the only one to say Happy Birthday to me and than he left for work.

And my mom is at work still and my brothers well they just dont seem to care all that much.

And my family wonder why at times I seem depressed.

I just went to my room and watched tv for a bit and also listend to Josh's Hallmark CD.
I love the song "With You".

I will be watching discovery tonight at 8. To watch the Ocean's Deadlest with Steve Irwin. Its a two hour speical that feaches his last project with Bindi.

I hope they dont air the part with his death. But if so I will know more and be able to understand it more.

I love that guy, and still do. The work he did and that his family is still doing I supported. Animals of the world do need help and protection.

I cant wait to watch it.

So yah thats it for now My night cant get any worse, I hope.

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