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Got the Book I wanted on EBAY

mswizzzard's picture
on January 22, 2007 - 1:01am

Hello beautiful people. For those that have read my journal you know I'm a Wiccan - which is a pagan religion. I worship the cycles of the moon - the sky etc. nothing creepy.

I've been looking for a book that is out of print called 5,000 spells by Judikia Illes and finally found one at a good price. I met her on September 9 06 - she signed my 5000 elements book. But I am so happy I found it - If there is a spell to be found this book will have it. I really am into wellness spells and protection spells.

A friend of mine keeps saying stuff about a love spell (there is no such thing) YOu can't influence someone like that nor can you do spells to injur or hurt anyone. I can do a spell that not all the crops in California were destroyed during the ice storm and one to hopefully keep the prices low.

Does anyone know how to get to a meet and great before a concert? if you do let me know. I'm going to my fourth concert on March 13, in DC. With Rachel (Of Cource - who else would I go with ) Rachel the love of my life, The one person that I think about 24/7. My 24 year old daughter. how lucky I am. I think I'll change my picture to one of me and Rachel when we went to Cancun. It was the best vacation ever. We've been there twice. Once with Mike and Marc and once just she and I.

Mike is her ex boyfriend who served like 4 years in Iraq - Such a brave soul. And I live with Marc in a plutonic relationship but we love each other. I am broke and he doesn't charge me rent. He is not working either - Tuesday I have to go to social services for food stamps to suppliment our food supply.

The weather has been horrible lots of ice, but if I can get on the road I've no problem. Here in Maryland one snowflake and everyone freaks out.

May your world be blessed with only good things.

(Ita Keyley) My Celtic name
Mswizzzard (my email)

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