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Interesting email from my Mother

Rileysmom's picture
on January 25, 2007 - 4:24am

This is an email from my mom regarding Angelina Jolee's work in Cambodia.


I meant to tell you that the Angelina Joilee/Brad Pitt project is housed about a couple of blocks from Kelly's school in Bataambang, Cambodia. It's just a nice house that's fenced in and painted yellow. We took a couple of pictures of it. There isn't any activity around it. It seems that what happened is, they decided that people there shouldn't cut down their trees, which of course is a great idea, except that their wood is a very precious commodity to them in order for them to live. They still cook with it, and you can see it gathered in little bundles and laying around. They guard it and protect it, because it's so scarce.

So what she (Angelina) did, was to give the government $15 million to do something about saving the forests there. Well, since they have a very corrupt government, it seems that they went out and confiscated saws, power saws, and all that from the people who made a living with it, or needed them desperately in order to live, then they kept the saws for themselves to sell and pocketed the money. So the problem didn't improve, and the corrupt people got richer. That's what happens when the do-gooders go in and decide they can fix foreign problems using American tactics. The money would have been well spent helping them to build schools or train teachers so they could teach their people how to conserve their forests by making a living some other way. But to think she'd give it to a government who is known as being extremely corrupt, and think they'd do good with it, is shortsighted, indeed. It just ended up hurting the ones who needed it most, and boosting the government's coffers. What a dummie! Just thought you'd be interested in that story, since she was all over the news with the adopted baby, and all her do-gooding. It's some more of what's become known as "the Hollywood mentality".

Of course she wasn't referring to Josh in any way. He's smarter than Angelina Jolee in 100 years.

That's interesting to get the inside story sometimes. If it's true that is. My parents are extemely conservative in thier politics and I take that into account when they tell me things like this.

I realize Angelina is trying to do a good thing and I applaud her for it, but.....sounds like she needs to be better informed.

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