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Why is it...

Camilla's picture
on January 25, 2007 - 6:54am

that I always turn to this journal when I'm feeling down or lonely? I wrote a long pm to a special person here on the boards just to find out that that person has either disabled that function or their box is full... Oh well. Clean out your box, please. :) I wanted to talk to you, you see.
My treadmill has finally showed up so now I can exercise at home wich is GREAT. Saves me so much time! Finally I feel like those extra dreadful kilos are going to come off. It's time for me to stop feeling fat and ugly. It's gotta stop. Anyway, I wish I have time to make some things for the next auction. I have so many ideas and no time... I'll have to make time for this. Take care, if you read this. Let me know how you are, leave a comment!

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