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My Heart Was Home Again

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on January 25, 2007 - 10:40am

I did not want to get out bed this morning as I was still sleepy from an unsually long night last night, and the fact I did not sleep too well. For some reason, I kept waking up every hour. Didn't have anything on my mind, so it was kind of unusual. But somehow I managed to drag myself out of my ever so toasty bed. I think what I dreaded the most was to take Brownie outside to do his buisness. It was collllllllldddddd! Brrr!. But I did, and went on my normal routine of getting the kids ready for school. Same ole thing day after day. They sat there eating breakfast while watching animal planet. That is what we normally watch in the morning time.Its a great way to start a childs brain. Anyway, saw a wonderful commericial that put a bright light on my day. It was a commericial for Josh Grobans new Hallmark Cd. Oh, how I fell in love. Not with Groban himself, but just the song he was singing. I have the CD already, but it had been awhile since I played it. I was inspired to listen to it again as I was coming back from taking my son to preschool. The song, the voice, just moved me all over again. I just sat in my drive way listening to My Heart was Home Again over and over again, and as I did, I felt the tears just run down my face. What was it about that song that made me so emotional this morning? The more I think about it, the more I realize I have no words to even answer that. It just struck me at that moment in such a way, that my tears just had to come out. I am always amazed at the ability that some songs can effect a person so deeply. What ever reason, what ever emotion, what ever event in your life, there always seems to be a song that hits a sensitive nerve and allows the feelings to release themselves. Isn't that just a wonderful thought? Who could live without the glorious sounds of music? Not me, thats for sure. I think life would get pretty boaring without all its amazing sounds.

I so needed to get back to my Joshfull blogs here. I have been spending so much time talking about the goofy things my kids do that I forgot why I started blogging. Originally my intent was to just write about my feelings on things and people that I appreciate. Kind of keeping it a fun place to be. Nothing to serious at all. But the more I continued, the more personal it has become for me. It has become more of a place to vent out anything and everything. I guess everything I appreciate, admire, and respect in this world all inner twine with every thing else in my life. Kind of hard to write about one and not the other. It all makes up who I am. Woo hoo, thats good I think...........I have truly found the inner goober I was suppose to be.......

Well, hope everyone in Grobania is having a great and spectacular day. Any one else looking towards the tour? I can hardly wait!

Have a Josh filled day everyone...........May your heart, mind and wallet, never be empty............Go find your inner Goober!

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