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Gee whiz

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on January 26, 2007 - 8:25am

Where to begin? This morning I was rudely awakened by my cellphone alarm. I hit dismiss and rolled back over, then I was rudely awakened again by my husband that said "can you get up and talk?" in which I responded "Sure, no problem."
That sort of scared me. He handed me a cup of coffee and I sat down on the couch and braced myself.
He just had a total emotional breakdown right in front of me. He said he had been up all night with panic attacks, then when he did get to sleep he would wake back up in a sweat. He said he felt helpless and didn't know what to do. He was so childlike and helpless.
The whole time I was like "What on earth is going on?" It scared me. It's crazy to see such a strong person who NEVER shows emotion fall to pieces. It was surreal. He said he can't handle anymore stress at work. He just found out that he has to teach this class.. etc, etc.on top of the other unfair treatment mentioned previously.
I've personally always thought panic attacks were a load of BS, But....not anymore.
So I called my boss at work and she said stay home with him. Then I got him in the car and we drove to our family doc where we just moved from. They immediately saw him and gave him drugs.
When his head clears up and he can climb out of this pit he's in, hopefully all will be much better.
It's not really one big problem, it's little problems stacking on top of one another.
Life can HARD sometimes.
It scares me to think I'm the one people are leaning on around here. I'm up for the task, but ....gee whiz.
I honestly believe I could stand in the face of the devil and spit in his eye over my family. Something just rises up in me where they are concerned.

Every thing we go through tempers us like glass for the next thing. I believe the only thing that could shake my foundation would be if something happened to my children, God forbid.
So anyway, this too shall pass.
In the meantime...GEEE WHIZZZ!!!

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