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took a little break

Emmily's picture
on January 26, 2007 - 9:51am

hey cyber place. been almost a month. i guess that is how the creative process ebbs and flows. with the moon and her phases? there are days when i feel dead inside. past the point of even moving or at least pretending to. we all do that....pretend to move. go through the motions of living and getting through the day. then one day you wake up and the sun is there beaming into your frosted window pane, whispering "come with me now and begin to believe once again". you shake off the fleecy blankets you thought you needed, make a cup of tea and click the little arrows that begin the gentle chords of music residing within this small white box sitting on my counter top. i remember a time when i once worried about scratching my "45s" and how i would place them back into their protective envelope after listening to them all afternoon. the concept of having all of these songs right here at my beck and call is still amazing to me. so they play and i if for the first time. lyrics and melodies that continue to stir my imagination as well as my emotions. sounds and rhythms from a creative mind i so often wonder about. i think of that mind in the studio listening to the play back, closing his eyes and feeling it come back to him. how extrodinarily meticulous to orchestrate each and every sound towards a reason and belief...following an unexplained and unchartered path of free expression and sense of wonder. how does one know how far to go. how do you know when to stop and turn around......or simply stop. how do you turn it off? me .... i have to spend a few days under those covers, make the sounds go away and drift in the silence, lie awake in the dark, wait for the day to begin again.

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