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Joshs live chat

Camilla's picture
on January 29, 2007 - 10:15am

It was so good to be able to log on and chat with Josh this morning!! He looked rested and happy, and I hope he was too. It was only a 20 minute chat and I could have been glued to my laptop all day, but it's sure better than nothing. I entered a few questions and none of them were sent forward to Josh... That's ok, they were probably not that good. I wish I hade more time to travel so I could have been there to say hi in person. I've met Josh once for five minutes and now I want more time. You, me, some coffee and a little conversation. What do you think? LOL
Tomorrow I'll call the tattoo guy to let him know I'm coming. The tattoo I'm getting is kind of Joshie, but not if you don't know it. It's not going to be obvious. It's gonna be sooo good!!

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