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on January 30, 2007 - 11:01am

Dr. Smith brought his dog to work again today … and it’s not Allie. I’m very sorry to say that Allie passed away a few months back. She was an older pooch plagued with lots of problems including diabetes. He loved her, man did he love her and was very distraught over her passing – it took him a long time to get over it and now he has *drumroll please* BLAKE! The half Lab-half Shepherd mix one year old boy! He’s sooo cute! And what a good boy! Dr. Smith has only had him maybe two weeks and Blake certainly knows who is his master and follows him everywhere he goes. He’s got a lot of pep and loves everyone, I just love that! It’s nice to be able to visit with a dog and get my fill of licks and pets, raised ears, and whimpers and then go home to my warm, snuggly, clean, purring kitties!!

So it’s bitterly cold here today – 10 degrees with a strong wind that is making it -5. The snow is blowing and adding to the bitterness. *sigh* Well I guess we can’t complain, I mean it is after all – winter. I put together a pot of chili in my crock pot this morning before work, I will look forward to that later! Nothing like a hot bowl of chili on a painfully cold day! These are the kind of days that make you just want to stay inside, in a cozy pair of sweatpants with long josh’s underneath, a thick pair of woolen socks and a couple of tee shirts! THEN you curl up on the couch wrapped in a blanket sipping a warm, creamy cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up to Josh – I mean – oh man my imagination has run away from me again … well we would watch a movie that’s for sure. Until your eyelids got heavy and then you would nap … doesn’t that sound wonderful … and to think if you lived in California it would probably be 50 degrees when you were fishing out your woolen socks hahahahaha!

Well Tess isn’t coming to Chicago. I’m disappointed but I totally understand all the reasons she can’t. I will probably force my friend Jessi to come with me – I’m just praying that it isn’t too bitterly cold that day because I plan on doing some bus scoping and seeking some very hot, young, wayyyyy talented singer … and baby boy will be with me too. I will miss you Tess … but we will do some damage in Vegas – you can bet on that.

Hey, guys, stay warm with thoughts of Josh … outside, playing in the snow – his nose and cheeks tinged a little pink from the cold, snowflakes in his hair and eyelashes …. That bright smile warming you all over but he’s got a devilish look in his eyes, what’s he hiding behind his back?? You’d better run!

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