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Happy February!

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on February 1, 2007 - 12:54pm

Can it be February already!! Oh my, a few weeks from the first concert...we are happy indeed! Looking forward to seeing Josh in DC in March, enjoying some of my favorite "spots" and seeing old friends. Looking forward to Patrizio's concert in April as well!

I am finally at home for a few weeks and then off to 6-7 cities but lots of fun and worth every minute of it to be sure. My exercise routine is suffering as well but I am trying to at least get on the treadmill and Pilates!

I promised JPN I would get some design projects finished while home so we shall see. I promised especially some Josh goodies and also for MB, ILDivo, Patrizio. Oh for more time to play!

Love the two new songs on "With You" and Josh's Abbey Road that B/W...he looks great in B/W.

Happy Valentines Day!

I'll PM this to my buds who don't read this blog but only my JustJoshGroban blog -- you know who you are! ;o)))

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