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Awake Tour

vijaykumar's picture
on February 1, 2007 - 5:08pm

WOW I've been looking at the auction and WOW.
Its going great.
I wish I cloud send money like that.
I wish I even had that much.
But I know its going to be great help to the foundation. Witch is great.
I just cant believe how much money there are rising.
Its awsome.
I wont to help out my self but right now is not a great time.
Although I just mite buy a button or two.
I think I can maybe do that.
Well I have to see.

Any way, its snowing here in Ontario, Canada.
Right here where I live we have gotten so far 25 cm of it and its not stoping.

Josh hope your ready for the cold, and Sweeney too.

Its not warming up yet.

I hope you make a dvd of your tour again.
Because it let those of us that cant go to see you live still see you in consert.
I enjoy the other two very much. And the extras are very funny and great to see that your have fun.

Well now I amvery board right now its dark and very cold outside so I cant go for a nice walk witch sucks because I cant stand being inside for to long really, but some times I do just like to veg on the couch watching tv or even just doing in my room and listening to music, and reading.
But what do you do. Besides thinking of other things that you want to do or wish you could.
I dont know.
I know that I have done some more planing for my move. I found that I will not be going as soon as I thought. It wont be for at least 12 more months or so even 16. It will depend on the money I saved up and when the course is being offered. So ya that sucks.
I want to go now,but I know.
But I just have to wait now.

On a brighter note my dad said that I can take my dog Bear. Well really for a long time he was saying that she was his but I was the one training her and caring for her. He's on the road all the time and dosent have time to send with her. Well not as much anyway.
I knew he was going to change his mind because shes be home for a long time now and he dosent take her no more with him. He told me it was because she sheds to much but really it because he dosent stop to play with her much. I know that frist hand form when I went with him last summer. I found that he didnt stop much and nor play with her.
But that is now the past and she is with me at home having so much fun.

And Josh knows how much fun a dog is. Even more when you can spend the whole day with them.
I was so happy when Josh anwered my question on the live chat with him, that he will be taking Sweeney with on tour.
Thats was great. It make travling so muchmore fun.

All I can say; Is have fun Josh!

Wish I could go too.

But one day I will go see you live.

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