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Happy GroundHog day, NOW get out of your hole

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on February 2, 2007 - 9:22am


What the world may bring each new day, no one really knows

but sure enough a friendship somewhere will bloom and grow....


Happy GroundHogs Day!!!!!!!!!!!Get out of your darn hole!!!!!!!!

Greetings to all. Another beautiful day in the world. Alright, I know I could start off these blogs better, but some days I am just not that creative. But it is a lovely day none the less. Just the same ole morning here, get up, when I really do not want to, wake the kids up, hear the dog barking cause he has nothing better to do, take the dog out so he does not poop on my floor, dream of Josh Groban, take the kids to school...... and so on......See, real exciting. My daughter Sarah this morning asked if she could have some hot chocolate. Actually, what she said was can I have some of the crappy hot chocolate. I just stood there with a shocked expression on my face. Atleast I think I did, after all I couldn't see my own face. I just couldn't believe she used that word again. I know, there are worse things she could have said, but still, I just have a hard time with listening to an 8 year old talk like that. Someone told me other day that I should wait til she uses the "f-Bomb"..... All I can say is if I ever hear her use that word, she will be in so much trouble. Now, I am not no goody goody here that never talks that way, but I only use words like that in anger. I believe swear words are used when one can't think of a better adjective. The more you use them, the less intelligent one seems. Just my own feeling on that. Wow, what a day to start a crappy day. HAHAHAH. Makes you wonder wear she picked that crappy word up from? Hmmmmmmmmm?

Oh, great news. I finally renewed my membership at the Bungalow...... woo hoo. Now, I am in two fan clubs. Josh and Michaels.... wow, two forums..... when will I ever get off my butt? I really missed my time away from there. Got to go catch up with my Buble peeps. What got me thinking about that was I finally sent my Valentine card to Wyatt. The FOJG gals sure love to gush their love to the guy, even though no one has seen or met him. So, I decided Mr hardworking Wyatt needed some Valentine appreciation..... HAHAHA. Oh, yes, I sent one to Josh too.... Like he will get it. So many fans, so little time.......Its the thought that counts right?

Well, so much to do, so little time........... or was that so much time, so little to do? Either way, off to go find my list of things to do.....

Tip for today, if ya run into Barney the dinosaur, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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