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Making sense

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on February 5, 2007 - 9:21am

Its Monday again, and means another week of learning for the kids. Woo hoo! I took the dog out early this morning and couldn't help but notice a very interesting sky. It was still dark, but I could tell the sun was about to break. It was a dark purpilish color , The moon and one single star still appeared and made the sky quite a luminating vision.I also noticed a single air craft that was soaring through the sky, and a left a long white trail behind it. It was really spectacular to see it with the purple sky in the background. I stood there a moment and for that moment, actually enjoyed the fact that I was up so dang early.If I didn't have my 3 young kids, I would have most likely gone on a walk at that very moment in time. I could almost hear the song Awake playing in my head. It would have been spectacular to have seen the sun raise.But the moment was short lived as I came back to my senses and realized I had kids to get ready for school. Sometimes it sucks to have reality interfear with the daydreams.......
So after the superbowl last night, I headed to the store to get a few things I needed. The nearest drug store that was open was about 5 miles away. The one thing about where I live is that the roads to get you places around here are really isolated most of the time. Not much to look at. Especially at that time of night one could only the the reflectors of the ground glaring back from the headlights of the car and maybe a few lights of distant houses. But I like the fact there is not much traffic. It makes the mood of the moment a peaceful one. I had my Groban CD playing and yes, I was trying to sing along. I say trying because I really am a horrible singer. Thank goodness it was dark and that Groban was not a fly on the wall hearing me sing something of his. I can hear him now, "Somebody put this poor woman out of her misery. I think she has mad cow disease".....Needless to say, I was glad I was alone. I wish I could sing, but that is one talent God did not give me. Oh well. My talent lies elsewhere. Even my kids start wining when mom tries to sing.... they have also been known to cry. No joke. Now there is something that makes a mom feel good.....*roll eyes*

I am in the store now, and finally paid for my purchases. Now, have you ever felt weird about waiting for the cashier to give you your change? Or even just waiting for just a receipt? I mean, my change was like 2cents, and I do at times feel ackward about waiting for it.... I know it is owed to me, but still, two cents is two cents. Not gonna break me if I do not get it. I feel kind of goofy just standing there with my hand out waiting for my big ole two cents when others behind me are getting impatient......I guess I should be use to it as most days I don't make any sense.......HA HA HA! Ok, don't roll those eyes at me. You would have said the same joke. I know it!
I just want to say, thank god for friends. I have a friend who sent me a Josh hallmark card. I couldn't find one in our local store, so she sent one to me. Don't ya just love friends who think of their friends? I am really gonna have to do something nice for her.....she so deserves it. The card is so beautiful. It is obviously intended to be given to a lover, or a signifcant other as you open it up it plays "When you say you love me." A very beautiful card. But no, I do not plan on giving to anyone. It stays in my small Josh collection.....Maybe one day I can get the card signed by Groban..That would be cool.
Well, I better get my caboose off and finish up my chores. Lots to do today, so probably won't be hanging on the boards too much.....hope everyone has a great week, and keeps a beautiful smile on their face.
My tip for today is when your not sure weather to wait for change or not, act like you are having problems picking up your purchases until the cashier actually hands you the penny back.......LOL

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