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A stressful Start

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on February 6, 2007 - 11:02am

Happy Tuesday to all...... Don't ya just love how I start these? LOL!!!!!! Ever wake up and think how great it is that a new day has started and how it is going to be just an awesome great day? I pretty much wake up everyday feeling like anything is possible for that brand new day and it usually leaves me feeling pretty good about life. But today, reality just kind of hits me when I didn't want it to. It started off ok, but quickly changed for me as I tried to get my son ready for preschool. He sat on the potty like a big boy, but then, trying to get his pants on was just a nightmare. I would put them on, he would kick them off. I would put them on again, he would kick them off again. It got to the point of having to hold him down and force the pants on him. I tell you, 4 year old little boys are very strong. I am just happy he didn't pee on me. He still managed to kick them off yet again. Meanwhile, spouse is just sitting there not helping, not saying a darn word, but laughing at me. Sheesh! So , after several minutes of this, I became out of breath from the battle. I finally get them on. But then, it is time to put on his socks. He ran, slammed the door behind him and held the door close. I pushed the door open and he ran back out. So now I am playing chase with a 4 year old who seems to be winning. I am trying to stay calm, seeing I am the SOLE grown up in the House, but who wants this kind of battle in the morning? Spouse of course is still not helping. I finally catch him, sat him down and put the socks on him. Yes, he took them off too a few times, but eventually it stayed. Ok, now it was time to get him to eat breakfast. HAHAHAH. "Kevin, want cereal?," he said no..."Kevin want pancakes?"...he said no....." Kevin do you want waffles?" he said no, I am not hungry...... so, I am getting ready to give up the idea that he actually wants to eat anything, when he finally says.."I want waffles" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I wish that kid would make up his mind.I tell you kids just want to do things when THEY are ready.... He finally ate breakfast and now it was time to leave. Was it easy? Oh, heck no. He ran around and hid in his room again screaming I do not wanna go. I literally had to drag him out to the car. It is not even 11am here and I am already exhausted.....Sad thing is, my days are typically like this. My spouse wants to know why I am so tired all the time? DUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

So, it is finally quiet here and all the kids are in school. I finally got some time to myself and hopefully regain my strength and energy. Spouse finally left after a morning of what ever it was he was suppose to be doing. Obviously it was not to help mom. I went in the kitchen not to long ago and saw the big hole in the kitchen floor where Brownie managed to chew. Dumb dog will eat anything. Now, I have a floor that has been messed up by a silly dog! Its not like the floor in my kitchen comes in sections. It is just one piece. The whole thing has to be replaced. Yeah, that makes my day soooo much better. It is days like these that seem to make me go crazy and want to find some peace. It makes me stare at beautiful works of art wanting to escape into them. I know my kids, the dog, and even my spouse are still young, and hopefully out grow this behavior, (I can wish right) but it is still driving me crazy. I so need a vacation.....ALONE! I need a place to go to where I can escape the stresses of my life. A place where solitude is a friend.

Spent some time on FOJG last night. Kind of made me sad. Their auction was winding down and left me feeling sad I couldn't participate in it. The prices people were paying for certain items was just unbelievable. I feel bad because I know it is a great cause, and I cannot contribute to it what so ever. I just do not have the money to help the way I so much want to. Being a one income family leaves me so drained to do anything for such a worthy cause. I tell you if I ever won the lottery, I would be putting some good cash into his foundation........but the chances of that happening is almost Zero.........I guess I just have to be happy for those who can help.......*sigh*. It feels yucky not being able to help......!!!! What does a fan do to feel like they are a apart of something amazing?I wanna help, I wanna help.........!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, anyone watching the Grammies this Sunday? I normally wouldn't as the music today has totally left me with a bad taste, not to mention how "sexed" up the shows have gotten, but, I do plan on watching the big Police reunion. I grew up listening to them and in fact they were the first group I ever saw in concert.I was 13 when my parents took me to see them in Oakland for a performance.I have never forgotten that experience even as the years have gone by. I was such a Sting fan, and have been since.His music and words are still beautiful to the ears. Makes me want to get my records out.... It will be a treat to see them perform again. I am excited beyond words... Just talking about them makes me relive my younger days....yeah, like it was that long ago........Ya know how us old people like to reflect on things.......!LOL!!!Oh, darn it, where is my Geritol and Bengay? Anyway, the day is still young, and so much more can happen. I move forward in knowing that no matter how stressful life can be at times, I know it could always be worse! Some one out there has it worse than I do, so who am I to complain right? I hope everyone has a great day! You are loved! My tip for today is do not mix up your Bengay with your "itch" cream.............I don't know why I said that, just seems like good advice to me........

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