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vijaykumar's picture
on February 6, 2007 - 11:30am

All of my old journal entries disappeared. Freakin heck. I let my membership lapse because I didn't have the money to renew back in March. I knew that would be the case so I *specifically asked* if I was going to lose my journal entries and I was told that they'd still be here when I got back. *hmph*

Oh well, it wasn't THAT important. I just wished that I'd saved them. Of course the reason I didn't bother to save them is that I have a track record of losing data due to dead computers. And my computer did just die. So I would have lost my journal entries even if I *had* saved them to my hard drive. The universe loves to mock me!

EDIT: IS THIS ENTRY VISIBLE TO ANYONE ELSE?! When I clicked on my profile from Rileysmom's friend list I got my old journal entries, but not this one. When I click on View My Journal from the Community page I get this entry, but none of my old ones. FOJG seriously loves to mess with my head. It's after 1am. I don't have time for this. I'm going to bed!!

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