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BSP contest.......

jlbrown3711's picture
on February 7, 2007 - 3:46pm

I am really sad over this new BSP contest. They had to go and make it where you had to create something by computer. My computer isn't capable of doing that, and I am not skilled at sucks. I wish they made it to where everyone could. I guess they only want people who know about these things to enter.... I am sorry I am sounding like a winey baby, but it made me sad to think I won't get my pic ever....I won't enter this thing, cause I can't....I know so many want this, and deserve this chance. I just want to feel like I can be apart in some way... I can't afford the auctions, I can't do these contests they have, so I feel pretty useless as a Grobie... Again, I am sorry for venting all this, but it really made me sad. I know I shouldn't but I to cry like a self pittying person at the moment.

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