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vijaykumar's picture
on February 7, 2007 - 3:47pm

Well Tommorow Is The Big Day.... I Turn 16!!!!!

Well Was Able To Get Laundry Done And Clean Apartment A Little.

I Was Trying To Get IT As Clean As Possible Cuz Mom Said No Work On Birthdays.

Not Much Else Is Going On. I Saw The Rules For The Meet And Greets......I Will Have To Work Very Hard Becuz You Grobies Are Very Creative. I Dont Have Photoshop So Will Have To Get That.

Im Kinda Sad About It Thou. I Mean Like WHY????? Why Do We Have To Work For It??? Well I GOTTA Cool Down.....That Time Of The Month (If Ya Catch My Drift)

I Was Just Thinking The Other Day On How Sweet And Kind You All Are To Me. I Feel Like Were A Family And Josh Is The Head Of The House Hould. Not That Josh Is Realted To Any Of Us. "Cause Ya Never Know What Your Gonna Get"

Thanks For Making It Extra Nice For Me. You Guys Are AWESOME!!! I Love Every Single One Of You!!!

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