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New home

vijaykumar's picture
on February 8, 2007 - 11:17pm

I moved into my new home this past weekend. I'll technically still be moving things over the next couple of weekends since it's a little difficult clearing out 10 years worth of accumulated stuff. The young married couple (expecting a baby in April!) I'm living with are incredibly nice and I'm lucky to have found good people like them with whom to share a place. In Hawaii rent is pretty darn high. I was originally looking for a studio apartment and the cheapest was $700 with the average price being closer to $800-900. For a studio!

I must say it's weird being in a different place. I went away to the Mainland for college and that was four years of living in different places, but when you finally make the move out of the family house, it's just odd.

But it was time to make the move. I am 23 after all. Too old to be living at home! At least the cost of living here won't make living in NYC someday seem that much more extreme IF I move there.

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