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one more week!!!!

popfart's picture
on February 9, 2007 - 1:32am

OMJ cannot believe that in only one week i will be on a plane heading for cleveland and my first josh concert. Its seems like forever that i have been waiting and finally it is soooo close!!! EEEkkk honestly its all just seems so surreal right now.
Finished work today for five whole weeks.........cannot believe it, Its going to be so weird not having to get up for work, or see everyone for ages, but its been sooooo long since i had a proper holiday i can't wait. Not to mention the fact that i get to see josh in concert!!! happy happy joy joy Cannot stop smiling right now.
Started making my list of everything i have to do this week which is going to keep my very busy.............have to find shoes that will keep my feet warm, considering all i have is strappy high heels and probably not the best considering how cold it is going to be over their in the US, i think the lowest temperature we've ever had in brisbane is probably 6 degrees is we were lucky and its been 30 something all week so its going to be a bit of change.
jahzara, carson and louise are coming to visit tomorrow. i can't believe jazzy is talking and everything now its seems like forever since we saw them last so it should be good.

well in need of coffee

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