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Whitness of Winter

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on February 10, 2007 - 10:03am

What a beautiful start to a new day. The rain is finally showing some of itself and I cannot help but enjoy it. Although I have to say watching the rain makes me a little sad at times.But in a good way. I guess because when it rains it always brings out all the different emotions I have for life. I laid in bed last night watching different things before I ended my night. I came across some places that were covered in snow. I tell you, living in California, it really makes me long for the different seasons. I miss the changes that only mother nature can bring. I miss the colors, and the spirit that each season brings.California pretty much stays the same. Kind of boring in that regards. But I saw some towns covered with newly covered snow and I felt a little envious. Now, mind you I don't live in it, so I haven't a clue what it would be like to shovel it on a daily basis. But winter is quite the romantic season and I cannot help but think about the feelings people get when they find themselves surrounded by its amazing beauty. But it is even more spectacular if you are with a person you feel so connected with and two people can get closer because of it. I just think there is something exciting about being stuck at home with a caring heart and having only warm blankets, hot chocolate and each other to keep warm.I can't see life getting any better than that. Yes, my head is off in a romantic thought at the moment. I guess because it has been so long since I have even felt a spark of romance that it comes alive in my thoughts....Oh, how I long to feel something again! But anyhow, it inspired me to write last night.

The glorious winter is a time for warmth, closeness, and reflection,
a simple touch of a friendly hand
Conversation that flows effortlessly from the heart
and it all brings me a desire to deeply understand

I reflect, as I sip my cozy tea
by the flame of a crackilin fire
My soul is connecting to another spirit
of one that truly inspires

I am wrapped tightly in a blanket
it holds on to the heat of my yearning skin
It comforts me from my troubles
and reminds me of a love deep within

The sweetest of music will fill this intimate room
like how the snow covers the ground so bright
It enhances the hidden passion inside me
and brings the joy of my soul to light

The very moment of this connection,
awakens my sleeping heart;
It finds a safe and sacred place
and keeps my dreams from tearing apart

I have often longed to see the whiteness of a winter
and feel its secret little treasures
It reminds me of some beautiful romance
of two people that can embrace it together

My thoughts wonder if all that I have left
is what I only see in my mind
I feel the hope suddenly come back to me
and it assures my vivid dreams from ever going blind

Well, don't laugh. LOL......As you can tell, when it comes to my writing, I am not very confident. I guess anytime you open your heart to something personal, and let everyone see what is in your heart it can bring out the insecurities.....I am at least trying.......!Well, hope ya all have a great day, and great weekend. Hope it is a time that you can discover something truly beautiful about yourself.

My tip for today is don't be afraid to let your self be heard. Ok, I know that wasn't funny but some of my moods are just ones of simple thoughts....

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